America Five-Oh: Midwest Edition
launching on Kickstarter this spring!

In case our recent publication, American Manifesto, wasn't enough of a rally to show your stripes, we're kickstarting our next big project, America Five-Oh: Midwest Edition. 

America Five-Oh is stationery project that was started years ago to celebrate the glorious states we call home. Funding was in short-supply, but we're ready to show you why you should help up pick this back up, refresh the design, and create an amazing line of letterpressed greeting cards that will brighten the eyes and lift the hearts of those that they touch.

With a humorous twist on historical and cultural references, these are the first 12 states to be tackled, including a refresh of the four previously designed cards shown below. This project will be launching on Kickstarter this spring. Subscribe to our e-newsletter in the footer to be notified of project updates and launch date!


These are some of the original America Five-Oh legacy cards. We will be refreshing the design of these and adding many more states to the collection. These limited edition cards are still available for purchase. Get 'em while they last!

We love this country and from coast to coast we’re celebrating our home states—and yours. 

All 50 of 'em... eventually.

For now, we're preparing our Kickstarter project for the first region we'll tackle: the Midwest.


Josh Becker, videographer extraordinaire, and Nick Mihalevich, audio genius. The video isn't launched yet, but when you see it, you'll understand the magnitude of our gratitude.