Market Street Dermatology Branding

When the doctors over at Market Street Dermatology approached us here at Angel Bomb to design an identity for their new dermatological office, we were very excited. After talks about what kind of look they were going for, we knew the best approach was something classy, modern, and clean. We ended up creating a street sign motif out of negative space with modern type. After designing a line of stationary to match, complete with greeting cards, we knew we had set up Market Street Dermatology with an identity suite that we could both be proud of. Once it was all designed we jumped on the press to print some awesome and tactile goods for them. An interesting part of this project worth mentioning is that we used both offset and letterpress printing for their pieces. By using offset we were able to get better coverage with the flood of ink on the backside of the cards. Best of luck to them with their new business!

Posted on November 12, 2013 .