Colin Corcoran Letterdropping Deck 2.0

If you've read any ad copy at all, you've probably read some of Colin's. This guy's done work with almost every brand you can think of. We were brought in to print his second version of these card decks that cleverly drop all the names of brands and agencies he's worked with over the past year. With a card for every letter of the alphabet plus a few extras for those unafraid to use swear words, we had a huge project on our hands. The backside was first offset printed for a rich black, then we duplexed two different sheets together keeping the offset side smooth and the letterpress side toothy. We followed this up with two colors of letterpress inks on the toothy 100% cotton side and then die cut them. We packaged them into sets and then watched as they won more awards than any other project we've printed. Way to go, Colin!

Die cutting
Offset printing (1 color plus varnish)
Letterpress printing (2 color)