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WIP Lovecraft's Journal. Telegram for you, sir.

Lovecraft’s Journal is coming along nicely! Slow, but continued progress is being made. I should be able to show images soon of the first prototype for an artifact that is discovered in the story. This is by far the hardest book I’ve worked on, partially because it’s huge and has dozens of different pieces, but also because it’s much more than a book. The way I envision this project once it’s finished is more of an experiential discovery than just a read. What does that mean, exactly?

Imagine, if you will, receiving a package with a somewhat archaic sounding letter from a very old friend. You remember them being of less than sound mind and that they passed, unremarkably, many years ago. You open up this dusty and ancient looking box, careful not to damage it and discover a plethora of stained old pages within. There are letters from professors at prestigious universities and telegrams from an expedition you’d never even heard about. Carefully handling the crinkly old pieces of paper, you begin to read…

You look up at the clock in surprise as it strikes midnight and suddenly the shadows in the room seem much larger and malevolent than before. You’ve been reading for hours and didn’t even hear your better half when they said goodnight. Oh dear!

But you can’t stop. You can’t put it down. For there’s a journal from that long ago expedition and you’ve been flipping through the pages, reading the scrawls from Miskatonic University’s Professor of Anthropology, Dr. Tyler Freeborn. What was it that he discovered? Was he slowly going mad?

You mark your page and reach deeper into the box. Below the journal are a pile of sketches and maps and newspaper clippings, all stained from age and scribbled profusely with arcane notes. In an envelope are dozens of small pieces of some letters or notes of some kind…all torn and burned at the edges. What the hell are these?

Beneath this, you feel something lumpy wrapped loosely in a dank old piece of burlap and tied with twine. Hanging from the twine is a tag with something you can barely read….warning.

This is what I mean by experiential. You’re part of the story, you need to piece it together and try to figure out what all these things mean. Are they connected somehow or really just the ravings of a lunatic?

A telegram from the book, printed for Art Attack 2018.

A telegram from the book, printed for Art Attack 2018.

Posted on January 6, 2019 and filed under Books.

American Manifesto Update


Since we've released American Manifesto, time has flown by and we've been bombarded with an overwhelmingly positive response. We'd like to extend a wholehearted thank you to everyone involved. It's been such an amazing experience to see the conversations that have spurred as a result of people either purchasing or interacting with the book.

The launch party was hosted in conjunction with an AIGA Minnesota Cocktails with Creatives event with around 100 guests. Shortly after, Todd was invited to discuss American Manifesto during the morning show on local radio station, AM 950. You can listen to the segment below. We've been sending out copies to politicians and public figures while continuing to seek out opportunities for new press coverage to continue the dispersal of his message encouraging social change. The end goal is for the Manifesto to serve as both a starting point and fuel to a larger conversation that needs to happen regarding current American policies.

At the launch party, book sales were high and there were fantastic, engaging conversations among guests regarding both the content and the design and production of the book. Following the radio spot, we also had a wave of inquiries and sales. The book is drawing attention from the creative community as well as the general progressive public. 

If you'd like to view the book in more detail, we have posted the book under our design portfolio, which you can check out here. We still have copies of American Manifesto for sale, which you can purchase in person during our studio hours or you can buy it online!

Fruition Chocolate Packaging

Fruition Chocolate is a fantastic handmade bean to bar chocolate company out of New York. When they reached out to us to print their beautiful new packaging, we were super excited. This was a really complicated project for us, that helped us stretch our skills and utilize quite a few of our many capabilities. We printed three different packages for them. Two of them utilized six inks each, and the third was a white foil stamp into a colored stock. After our lengthy printing process, we used a custom die and die-cut each of the packages. This gave their already beautiful package a unique finish.

Posted on December 9, 2013 .

Boston Scientific Coasters

Our good friends at Duz Creative designed these wonderful coasters for Boston Scientific, and when they approached us about printing we were super excited. Little did we know that there were TEN colors on this beast of a project featuring 8 different designs. Each sheet went through the press at least 10 times. Phew. That is some fully pressed paper. We then die cut these pretty little coasters, and they made quite the set when they were finally put together. After this project was done, we all took a nap.

Posted on November 26, 2013 .

Holiday 2013: Gift Giving, Booze, and Snowflakes

Are you looking for holiday decor and gift wrapping accessories with a bit of humor this season? Or maybe some that are a bit vintage inspired with that tactile letterpress feel we all love? Featuring holiday cards, hang tags, gift stickers, paper lightbulbs with string, and coasters; this Holiday collection is hard to pass up! You can buy it all for $35, or you can purchase items individually between $5 and $8! Check it all out in our store (under the card category), which is conveniently linked right here. Go on, check it out! You don’t have to tell anyone you started holiday shopping before Black Friday hits. However, you should probably tell them so they can snatch these fine letterpress goods up before they disappear!

Posted on November 20, 2013 .