Exploration and explosion.

Todd Thyberg, founder of Angel Bomb, grew up in a small town of North Dakota where he learned the value of hard work and good ethics. He left to attend the University of Minnesota where he studied creative writing before signing up for the Navy to be an aircrew ordnanceman. It was only after he enlisted that he learned of graphic design, so he later returned to the University and received a degree in visual communications. Afterward, he designed cereal boxes at General Mills, and left when he was reassigned to flour bags wearing a "FREEDOM" t-shirt he'd made to celebrate the occasion.

Angel Bomb then began in the spring of 1997.

When Todd was looking to start his design studio, a local band, February, had an album out with a song titled Angel Bomb. “It stuck with me; the dichotomy of an angel, which was good, and a bomb, which was bad. I liked the idea of good creative with impact, and I’d had this fascination with explosives, so there you go." Thyberg Design was never even an option.

After several years of continuing to design for other Minneapolis firms, Todd decided it was time to focus solely on Angel Bomb and take it to the next level. He received a table top press as a gift in 2006, and began to learn the craft. With growing appreciation and understanding of the vintage presses, Angel Bomb invested in the equipment and now produces top-quality products and “impressive” goods that showcase the extreme beauty of the medium and honor the heritage of the machines. Those good ol' family farm mechanics lessons had finally found their place in the design studio.

Today, Angel Bomb stands at the intersection of design and letterpress, providing services across the full communications spectrum.

Angel Bomb is a full-service graphic design and letterpress printing studio dedicated to delivering powerful messages. Our work is measured by its impact and we are committed to holding ourselves and our endeavors to the highest standards.